Nickel Museum Obertal

Nickel Museum Obertal

Nickelmuseum Obertal

The Nickel Museum in the Upper Valley
The only preserved historical smelting furnace in the Eastern Alps.

Hard and challenging was the life of the miners around the nickel mining in the Upper Valley.

Within this virtual tour, the diversity of the metal nickel opens up.
What was made of the precious metal in the past and what nickel is used for today.

One thing has not changed: in many cases it is invisible, but nevertheless indispensable.

Nickelmuseum Obertal

A ruin as a witness to a long past mining history, a "glass showcase in the midst of the impressive natural landscape" of the Schladminger Tauern.

A journey through time that takes visitors back to times gone by, when this past was still alive - all this is on display at the Nickel Museum in the Hopfriesen.

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