St. Stephen's Cathedral Vienna

Cathedral Church of St. Stephen


World-famous cultural asset and landmark

Vienna's St. Stephen's Cathedral stands for many things: it is a world-famous cultural asset and a building that needs to fear no international comparison. It is Austria's national landmark and a symbol of Austrian identity.

First and foremost, St. Stephen's Cathedral is - apart from its cultural significance - a church.

The Cathedral of St Stephen in Vienna

The building and cultural asset "St. Stephen's Cathedral" is the subject of numerous books, illustrated books and studies.

The zillions of details to be found in its interior and exterior make it an art-historical and architectural treasure chest.

Every detail has its purpose, background and history: altars, gates, towers, pillar figures, pictures ...

Stephansdom Wien, Friedrichsgrab

Discover St. Stephen's Cathedral virtually

Cathedral priest Toni Faber welcomes visitors on their virtual visit and accompanies them through the unique St. Stephen's Cathedral using multimedia.

The cathedral archivist and cathedral chapel master as well as the cathedral architect provide highly interesting details and information about this incomparable cultural asset of Austria virtually about this extraordinary building - the Cathedral of St. Stephen in Vienna.

Explanation of the virtual tour :

The virtual tour begins in the nave of St. Stephen's Cathedral.
Supplementary tour areas take you further to the following places in the cathedral (clockwise):

  • To the west gallery and on to the Bartholomew Chapel
  • To the Prince Eugene Chapel
  • To the north tower with the famous church bell Pummerin
  • To the attic of the cathedral with the unique eaves gutter
  • To the catacombs of the cathedral
  • To the Barbara Chapel
  • To the Katharinen Chapel

Herzlich Willkommen in der virtuellen Domkirche zu St. Stephan in Wien !

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