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The Sound of Music World focuses on important stations in the life of the real Trapp family as well as the one-of-a-kind story of the Hollywood film "Sound of Music".


Start your virtual tour at Villa Trapp and learn more about the true story of the Trapp family.

Right through the salon you can re-discover the film locations in the Pavillon Hellbrunn and the Basilica Mondsee.

The virtual tour through the Second World War bunkers starts from the Villa Trapp Museum and writes a piece of contemporary history.

Let's embark together on a confrontation of film versus reality.

sound of music
Villa Trapp

This story of the well-known singing family brings together events, changes, continuities and ruptures in Austria in the first half of the 20th century.


The virtual exhibition is dedicated to three major thematic blocks:

  • The family history
  • The history of Villa Trapp, which was used by Himmler, among others, as a field command post Bergwald
  • A confrontation of film versus reality

Lastly, the cinematic reality depicted in the Robert Wise film "The Sound of Music" is juxtaposed with the filming reality as well as contemporary Austrian history. Through the broad spread of topics, the virtual tour offers information from the common family history bound to the commerce of film and musical.

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