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The impressive fortress was first mentioned in a document in 860. The complex has a proud 14 gates, and a hiking trail leads visitors up a 150-meter-high castle rock - embark on a virtual hike through living history, which is revealed to you in Hochosterwitz Castle.




The rooms of the stronghold contain the part of the armoury left by Napoleon, consisting of a large number of suits of armour, some with the Khevenhüll coat of arms, besides armoured shirts, tartans, balaclavas, saddles, powder horns, spears, lances, halberds, guns, etc.

A large number of ancestral portraits and historical paintings adorn the walls and in the display cabinets there are pieces of special historical value that are connected with the castle or family history.

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As stated in his will, Georg Khevenhüller equipped the castle with an armoury for the protection of the castle and the population. A large number of the weapons are still preserved and on display today.


Among them are hunting weapons, cannons and a bombarde from the early 14th century, which is probably the oldest known firearm in the world. Armour, armour, halberds and swords bear witness to the hand-to-hand combat that was needed to fight invading armies.


Loot from the Turkish wars is present as well as crossbows, bows and arrows and daggers.

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