Bückeburg Castle

Bueckeburg Castle World of Experience

Schloss Bueckeburg

For over 700 years, Bückeburg Castle has been a living mirror of the times.

Bückeburg Castle was first mentioned in documents around the 13th century as a residential and defence tower under the name "buckeborch". It served to guard an important long-distance trade route that led from the Baltic to the Rhine.

The 16th century (1560-1620) had the greatest impact on Bückeburg Castle: the medieval fortress developed into a brilliant Renaissance palace. Subsequently, in the 18th century (1732), the façades and interior were remodelled in the Baroque style.

Embark on a unique virtual discovery tour of what is probably one of the most beautiful castles in Germany!

Erlaeuterung Tour Bueckeburg

Your virtual path from the starting point in the inner courtyard to the 1st floor of the castle:

  • 1: Inner courtyard of the castle
  • 2: The Garden Hall
  • 3: The castle chapel
  • 4+5: Staircase with picture gallery
  • 6: Boiserie Hall
  • 7: Maria-Anna Zimmer
  • 8: Tapestry Room
  • 9: Change to the magnificent halls of the castle

Discover the halls virtually:

  • 10: The White Hall
  • 11: The ballroom
  • 12: The yellow salon
  • 13: The Tapestry Room
  • 14: The Golden Hall
  • 15: The Gate of the Gods
Erlaeuterung Tour Saele Bueckeburg
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