Nationalpark Donau Aün

National Park Lounge & Castle Island

Orth Castle on the Danube

Schloss Orth Nationalpark

The castle island

On the Auerlebnisgelände Schlossinsel you can discover characteristic habitats, animals and plants of the river landscape on a tour.

For barrier-free environmental education for people with special needs, there are tactile overview plans and rotating information boards with 3D animal models at several stations, including gopher tortoise and European pond turtle. Audio texts provide descriptions of the creatures and background knowledge via special QR codes.

A tracking station shows footprints, pelts, antlers and other clues to animals such as beaver, deer, roe deer and fox. Several play areas await children.



View the European pond turtle, Emys orbicularis up close. Discover our native adders in their masterful camouflage. See an abundance of fish underwater - but without getting wet! Explore typical floodplain flora from the delicate marsh iris and climbing woodland vine to the mighty silver poplar.

Schlossinsel Fische
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