Chamber Court Museum Bad Aussee

Chamber Court Museum Bad Aussee

Kammerhofmuseum Bad Aussee

Known for its diversity and charm, the city museum is housed in the Kammerhof, a 14th century architectural jewel.

Take a virtual tour through the history and rich folk culture of Ausseerland:

Experience the 1st floor virtually:

  1. Archaeology
  2. Salt
  3. EH Johann & Anna Plochl
  4. Kaisersaal
  5. Summer resort
  6. Bad Aussee Municipal Band
  7. Trachtenhandwerk
    • a)Auseer Dirndl, leather trousers
    • b)Shoes, fashion printing
    • c)Jewellery, hats
  8. BauArt Ausseerland
  9. Caricatures from Aussee


Kammerhofmuseum, 2 Stock

Experience the 2nd floor virtually:

  1. Song & Music
  2. Customs
  3. Old costume
  4. Music for understanding
  5. Fossils
  6. Speleology
  7. Steirereck
  8. Folk music (instrumental)

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The Ausseer Kammerhofmuseum sees itself as a "museum of local history" that primarily wants to contribute to the cultural identity of the region and be a point of reference for identity discussions.

For the self-image of the people of a region is only ever created on the basis of experience of history and the traditional rites, skills and cultural habits.

The Kammerhofmuseum wants to be a place where these experiences can be deepened, internalised and enriched.



The staff on site at the Kammerhofmuseum will be happy to accompany you on your next visit. There is much to discover in the Kammerhofmuseum Bad Aussee, both in the permanent exhibitions and in the special exhibitions.

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