Tratzberg Castle

Maximilian rooms and builder rooms

Tratzberg Castle

Schloss Tratzberg, Maximilianraum

Follow in the footsteps of the Tänzl family with the lord of the castle, Count Ulrich Goess-Enzenberg. Emperor Maximilian used Tratzberg as a hunting lodge.  

Experience the historical private rooms of the emperor as well as the builder's rooms of the Renaissance palace within this virtual tour.



In the footsteps of the emperor

In Emperor Maximilian's parlour there are still original chalk decorations on the wooden wall panelling which, among other things, reflect his favourite saying:

"I'm alive and I don't know how long.
I'm dying and I don't know when.
I'm going and I don't know where.
I'm surprised I'm so cheerful."

Go on a virtual discovery tour with the current owner, Count Ulrich Goëss-Enzenberg himself.

Maximilianspruch, Schloss Tratzberg
Erbauer Raeume, Schloss Tratzberg

On the history of the builder's rooms

In the winter of 1490/91 the castle burned down completely.

Maximilian I gave the ruins to the rich Tänzl family of tradesmen from Schwaz, who had the east side, the south side and part of the west side wing built in the late Gothic style.

The Tänzl coat of arms is still emblazoned above the entrance to the large staircase tower in the south-east corner of the inner courtyard. Although it bears the date 1500, it actually dates from 1502, the year in which Maximilian elevated the family to the status of nobility.



Private tour

The owner of Tratzberg Castle, Count Ulrich Goess-Enzenberg, will personally guide you through the Maximilian Rooms as well as the builder's rooms of Tratzberg Castle.

Graf Graefin, Schloss Tratzberg

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